Hello, my name is James.

I'm the foremost wolverine comic card art collector in the world!

I had a comics and game store for years in the 90's (hence the name of the site) when comics were imploding on itself with all of the collector speculation. 

I originally became a big fan of card art not just because of the beauty of the art itself but also because unlike comic book art where there are 21 or so other pages to have to collect, if you have a piece of original card art then thats it, you have the whole production piece of art that the card was printed from. I also like the fact that card art is generally more widely known than obscure comic pages. Plus being a master framer, it's a whole lot easier to display a single piece of card art then big pages of comic book art. 

The reason for wolverine is that he just spoke to me early on. He was the character that I most identified with. Yes over the last few years Marvel has raped most of the characters with their movies but I won't rant about that here. 

Now don't get me wrong I love all comic art and actually have a lot of book pages but my first love will always be the art from comic cards and toys along with art from production posters, models and games.

My main purpose for creating this virtual gallery is mainly to let the world see some of the beauty that I have amassed over the last few decades. Half of the fun of owning beautiful art is sharing it with others to see and appreciate.

Please bear with me, it will take a long time to add all of the hundreds of pieces that I have. So check back from time to time.

Enjoy.      - James